Extend Holiday Program Timetable

Kilvington Grammar School
2 Leila Road | Ormond | VIC | 3204. Operating Hours: 8:00am - 6:00pm
Service Mobile: (during Operating Hours only)
Activity descriptions available at https://extend.com.au/vac-info?school=KGS
Book via https://www.lookedafter.com/dashboard/schools/KGS3204

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Mon 8 Apr Activity Day Muesli Cookies, Dodgeball -
Tue 9 Apr Incursion Fitness and Fun -
Wed 10 Apr Activity Day Rainbow Milk, Pasta Photo Frames -
Thu 11 Apr Excursion The Big Goose 08:30
Fri 12 Apr Activity Day Gold Class Movie Experience, Fruit Stamping -
Mon 15 Apr Activity Day Cricket Games, Alien Pancakes -
Tue 16 Apr Incursion Mad Scientists -
Wed 17 Apr Excursion Bowling, Laser Tag and Bald Hill Park 08:30
Thu 18 Apr Activity Day Treasure Hunt Party, Painting Autumn Leaves -