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Extend's school holiday programs are a fantastic opportunity for your child to do fun and engaging activities with friends. Book 14 days in advance to receive the best rate. Book via LookedAfter up to 60 minutes prior to session start.

Penleigh & Essendon Grammar

Address: Cottage 53 | 49-59 Raleigh Street | Essendon | VIC | 3040
Operating Hours: 8:00am - 6:00pm
Session Fee *: $ 89.44. Pay approximately $ 26.45 - $ 44.72 after fee relief entitlements
* Fees are per child per session. Extra fee for excursions / incursions.

Cooking: Zucchini Fries Image Come along and unveil the secret to making fries that taste amazing but are also healthy and nutritious. These mouth-watering cheesy zucchini fries will have you coming back for more.
Chinese Ball Image Keep your eyes on the ball in this team game that will test your reflex and speed. Maintain an intense focus or you're out! Suitable for children of primary school age.
Cultural Kites Image Learn how to build and construct a real kite perfect for the summer holidays! Decorate to represent different cultures around the world.
Paper Plane Golf Image Experiment with different techniques to fold a paper plane that will fly the furthest and enjoy a game of paper plane golf. Challenge your friends and aim for the targets!
Other Activities Free Arts & Crafts, Indoor Games, Team Games
Science: Pulley Power Image How do pulleys work and how can they lift weight? Explore the world of physics as you learn how to construct a miniature pulley machine using a range of art resources.
Team Challenge Image Compete in teams in a number of challenging relays and races incorporating sprinting, basketball, soccer and more. Test your speed, teamwork, and accuracy.
Whimsical Windchimes Image Construct, assemble and paint a whimsical wind chime out of beads, feathers, string and a range of art media. A colourful and welcome addition to any summer garden.
Tanker Image Be ready to duck, jump, and dodge the ball to survive! A fast-paced team game that keep you on your feet. Suitable for children of primary school age.
Other Activities Free Arts & Crafts, Indoor Games, Team Games
Coding & Robotics Image Coding and Robotics go hand in hand in this fun twist on programming. See the evolution of coding using 'Plugged' and 'Unplugged' forms. Command robots to speak, sound like a chicken, change colour, roll and jump! (Morning)
Space Invaders Image 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, BLAST OFF! Travel into outer space and make a flying saucer, UFO space craft, wacky Martian, and futuristic robot! You'll have a blast with these mini space activities.
Zombie Bull Rush Image This fun variation of poison-ball is a popular favourite for boys and girls of all ages. Test your agility and speed!
Other Activities Free Arts & Crafts, Indoor Games, Team Games
Session Fee + $20.00
My Summer Holiday Image Love drawing cartoons and want to take it to the next dimension? Learn how to draw a cool cartoon-like self portrait with giant sunglasses reflecting your favourite Summer holiday destination.
Obstacle Courses Image Hop, jump, crawl, skip, and weave your way through an obstacle course! Act like a stealth ninja and make your way through a laser beam challenge made of string. Do you have what it takes?
Cooking: Homemade Gummies Image We're making our own squishy, delicious gummy lollies using real fruit and honey. Delightful treats that are all-natural, easy to make, and enjoyed by all.
Basketball Dribble Image Put your coordination skills to the test as you make it through an obstacle course while dribbling a basketball. Challenge your friends to see who can make it the furthest! Adapted for children of all ages.
Other Activities Free Arts & Crafts, Indoor Games, Team Games
Pinch Pots Image Enjoy this hands-on activity using clay to create your own clay pinch pot and character. Pinch, sculpt, twist, and mould into your wonderful creation.
Kickball Image Test your kicking skills with this popular variation of baseball with a fun twist! Suitable for boys and girls of all ages.
Masters of Disguise Image Which animals are masters of disguise? Why do they need to be camouflaged? Discover the fascinating answers as you create your own master of disguise artwork.
Touch Footy Image Give us your best! Play a game of safe Touch Football suitable for all ages and compete against your friends in a mini competition with a prize for the biggest kick!
Other Activities Free Arts & Crafts, Indoor Games, Team Games
Monet's Paintings Image Draw inspiration from the famous Claude Monet by using various sponges to recreate his artwork. Adapted to children of all levels.
Dodgeball Image Test your speed, agility and aiming skills in this popular team game that will keep you on your toes! Aim for your opponents and dodge the ball! Safe and adapted for children of all ages.
Science: Static Electricity Image Learn all about static electricity while you participate in a series of mind boggling experiments! Bend water with static electricity, magically pick up items with a balloon, roll a can with no hands, and make a paper snake rise up.
Balloon Tennis Image Participate in a balloon tennis tournament with your hand crafted tennis racket. Adapt your tennis skills and techniques to become a balloon tennis master!
Other Activities Free Arts & Crafts, Indoor Games, Team Games
Cosmic Colours Image Unleash your creativity and imagination with this fun sensory art activity perfect for all ages. Experiment with different colours, patterns and movements to create a cosmic masterpiece.
Capture the Flag Image Test your speed and teamwork skills in this popular group game. Work in teams to capture the flag and beat your opponent. May the fastest team win! Adapted for children of all ages.
Christmas Bonanza Image We're throwing a huge Christmas party and you're invited! Enjoy party food, games and activities including a snowman building competition, Grinch Kebabs, Christmas Bingo and make your own reindeer photo frame.
Other Activities Free Arts & Crafts, Indoor Games, Team Games
PEGS is closed over the January holiday period. Feel free to book in at any of our other locations.
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Craft Craft Games Sport / Active Games Cooking Cooking Party Party
  • A snack
  • A water bottle
  • A packed lunch (unless otherwise indicated in the activity descriptions)
  • Suitable clothing for the weather (consider Sunsmart clothing/hat or jumper when cold)
  • Suitable footwear (no thongs or open toe shoes – sandals are okay)
  • An art smock or wear old clothes for art or messy activities
  • Check the activity descriptions above for any additional items to bring on specialty days
  • Double-check the activity descriptions on the Extend website to ensure you are familiar with any special requirements. For example is your child attending a dress-up day? Do they need to bring a photo for a craft activity?
  • If you're not already receiving fee relief in the form of the Child Care Benefit and/or the Child Care Rebate, why not? See information on fee relief and estimate your out of pocket expense.
  • Book 14 days or more in advance to receive the best rate. See our Terms and Conditions for a full list of fees and policies.
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