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Extend's school holiday programs are a fantastic opportunity for your child to do fun and engaging activities with friends. Book 14 days in advance to receive the best rate.

Killarney Heights Public School

Address: Tralee Avenue | Killarney Heights | NSW | 2087
Operating Hours: 7:30am - 6:00pm
Session Fee *: $ 60.88. Pay approximately $ 11.25 - $ 30.44 after fee relief entitlements
Incursions: Add $ 20.00 (add no more than $ 10.00 after fee relief entitlements)
Excursions: Add $ 32.00 (add no more than $ 16.00 after fee relief entitlements)
* Fees are per child per session

Experimental Painting Image It's time to get creative and experimental with your own home made water colour paints and experimental paint brushes. Learn the secret recipe to mixing your own water colours using safe household ingredients and experiment with different textures and designs with a variety of DIY paint brushes.
Ballooney Games Image A variety of fun and addictive balloon games based around the challenge of keeping the balloon off the ground. Play name games, balloon volleyball, balloon bop, and balloon juggle & sort - guaranteed laughs for all ages!
Science: Sweet Science Image Discover the world of chemistry with a series of fun and safe experiments using lollies and sweets. Create a mini geyser, make gummy lollies grow, and discover the untold secret of M&Ms chocolate!
Target Ball Image Grab a ball and aim for the target! Work together with your team to move the target to your opponent's side while improving your aim and precision.
Other Activities Free Arts & Crafts, Indoor Games, Team Games
Laser Tag & Karaoke Party Image Get your pulse racing with an exhilarating game of laser tag followed by a fun-filled karaoke party. Belt out your favourite tunes, unleash your inner rock star, and dance like a diva.
Excursion runs from 10:30am until 12:00pm. Children must be dropped off by 9:00am for bus departure, and can be collected from the program from 1:15pm onwards.
Session Fee + Excursion Fee
Let's Dance Image Put on your dancing shoes and show us your best moves as you learn dance routines to improve confidence and general fitness. Catered to boys and girls of all ages. (Afternoon)
Amazing Abacus Image How did people solve maths problems before the calculator was invented? Experience the world of mathematics in the olden days by making your own amazing abacus out of beads and craft sticks.
Touch Footy Image Give us your best! Play a game of safe Touch Football suitable for all ages and compete against your friends in a mini competition with a prize for the biggest kick!
Other Activities Free Arts & Crafts, Indoor Games, Team Games
Session Fee + Incursion Fee
Cooking: Fortune Cookies Image Be the master of your own destiny by making home-made fortune cookies. Create a series of funny fortunes, silly jokes, and secret riddles for lots of laughs with friends.
Basketball Image Drills which will polish your skills! Hit the courts and take part in a championship match! Modified to suit all age groups.
Footy Jerseys Image Celebrate the upcoming grand final by making your own miniature footy jersey using a Japanese origami technique. Use felt and a range of art media to dress your jersey in your favourite footy team colours!
Throwball Image A fun variation of modified volleyball, allowing you to catch the ball to keep it off the ground. Play in teams and test your throwing and catching skills. Suitable for all age groups.
Other Activities Free Arts & Crafts, Indoor Games, Team Games
Footy Bag Tags Image Celebrate the upcoming grand final by making your own footy bag tags in your team's colours. May the best team win!
Foot Volleyball Image Split into teams to take part in this wacky version of volleyball that will have you working on your balance, coordination, and team work skills. Adapted for children of all ages.
Around the World Image Come along in traditional cultural costume as you travel around the world in one afternoon. Have your Extend passport stamped as you participate in a variety of fun-filled cultural crafts and traditional food.
Other Activities Free Arts & Crafts, Indoor Games, Team Games
Public Holiday - School Closed Image
3D Maps Image Learn about the world map as you create amazing 3D maps using salt dough. Create peaks and valleys and paint to finish.
Time Challenge Image Race against the clock and participate in a variety of challenges including Cereal Jigsaw, Ping Pong Ball bounce, Stack-a-cup, and Card Ninja! Who will hold the winning title?
Science: Thaumatrope Image How do you make two separate pictures combine to look like one? Learn about persistence of vision by inventing your own spinning thaumatrope toy.
Non Stop Sport Image Participate in the ultimate sports marathon that never ends! Join in on various ball sports and be ready to switch your game when the ball changes! Adapted to boys and girls of all ages.
Other Activities Free Arts & Crafts, Indoor Games, Team Games
Wildlife Sydney Zoo Image Find yourself on an amazing animal adventure as you explore Wildlife Sydney Zoo. Walk through iconic Aussie habitats and encounter some of the most loved and feared animals that call Australia home. Children must bring a hat.
Excursion runs from 11:00am until 2:00pm. Children must be dropped off by 8:45am for bus departure, and can be collected from the program from 3:30pm onwards.
Session Fee + Excursion Fee
Marvellous Magic Image It's a showcase of jaw-dropping, mind-boggling magic tricks that will leave you wanting more! Witness the 'Rocky Racoon' bunny production, amazing chair suspension illusion, and be entertained by the impossible! (Morning)
Awesome Emojis Image Celebrate the release of The Emoji Movie by making your own emoji stress balls! Those looking for a challenge can also learn an intricate technique to making an Emoji agamograph.
Crab Soccer Image Act like a crab and join in on a game of soccer! Work on your skills in coordination, balance, and control as you work together with your team mates to score the most goals. Adapted for children of all ages.
Other Activities Free Arts & Crafts, Indoor Games, Team Games
Session Fee + Incursion Fee
Cooking: Veggie Burritos Image Hola amigos! It's time to make some Mexican burritos with a variety of fillings that'll have your mouth watering in no time. Delicios!
Modified Volleyball Image How good are you at keeping the ball off the ground? Practice hitting the ball over the net and join in on a mini competition suitable for all ages!
Detectives at Work Image Put your best detective skills to practice with mystery-based activities and games. Guess the mystery object in a series of secret mystery boxes and discover hidden mystery items with your partner.
Other Activities Free Arts & Crafts, Indoor Games, Team Games
LEGEND Bus Excursion Bus Incursion Science Science
Craft Craft Games Sport / Active Games Cooking Cooking Party Party
  • A snack
  • A water bottle
  • A packed lunch (unless otherwise indicated in the activity descriptions)
  • Suitable clothing for the weather (consider Sunsmart clothing/hat or jumper when cold)
  • Suitable footwear (no thongs or open toe shoes – sandals are okay)
  • An art smock or wear old clothes for art or messy activities
  • Check the activity descriptions above for any additional items to bring on specialty days
  • Double-check the activity descriptions on the Extend website to ensure you are familiar with bus departure times and collection, what to bring to each excursion, and any special requirements. For example is your child attending a dress-up day? Do they need to wear socks on a trampolining excursion? Should they bring a t-shirt for a tie-dying activity?
  • If you're not already receiving fee relief in the form of the Child Care Benefit and/or the Child Care Rebate, why not? See information on fee relief and estimate your out of pocket expense.
  • Book 14 days or more in advance to receive the best rate. See our Terms and Conditions for a full list of fees and policies.
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