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Extend's school holiday programs are a fantastic opportunity for your child to do fun and engaging activities with friends. Book 14 days in advance to receive the best rate. Book via LookedAfter up to 60 minutes prior to the session start time.

Trinity Catholic School, Richmond North

Address: 57-61 Davison Street | North Richmond | VIC | 3121
Operating Hours: 7:30am - 6:00pm
Session Fee *: $ 72.00. Pay approximately $ 16.81 - $ 36.00 after fee relief entitlements
* Fees are per child per session. Extra fee for excursions / incursions.

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Enchanted Adventure Garden Image Spend the day exploring the Enchanted Adventure Garden. Test your skills on the Bush Scramble, get fast and furious on the Tube Slides, loose yourself in a range of mazes and walk among the canopy. Have a ball in The Children's Maze amongst the series of themed gardens including The African Savannah, The Beach Box, The Fairy Realm, and more! Let your imagination run free and enjoy the adventure. Please remember suitable clothes and comfortable shoes, hats, drink bottles, morning tea and lunch.
Excursion runs from 9:30am until 3:30pm. Children must be dropped off by 8:30am for bus departure, and can be collected from the program from 5:00pm onwards.
Session Fee + $32.00
Sculptures by the beach Image Build a miniature sculpture using clay, art materials, and natural resources inspired by the beach. On the sand shoreline there maybe a dragons cave or castle with a moat. What will you create?
Mini Athletics Image The Extend Mini Athletics has arrived and you're competing! Participate in competitive games of relays and races and test your skills in long jump or discus. Adapted for children of all ages.
Water Refraction Image Refraction is the bending of light. Using a glass jar, water, and images, we will explore the different affects and magnification, discussing our findings from this science experiment.
All about Me Bingo Image Let's play Bingo! The twist here is it's all about you. Will you be the first to say Bingo when all of your cards are called?
Other Activities Free Arts & Crafts, Indoor Games, Team Games
Commonwealth Games Bonanza Image Get into the Commonwealth Games spirit with the ultimate Commonwealth Games Incursion. The children will have the opportunity to represent a country to compete in a huge range of Commonwealth Games events, including Athletics, Basketball, Hockey, Rugby 7's, Triathlon and more. The children are encouraged to wear runners, bring a drink bottle and dress up in a nation's colours.
DIY Bowling Image In groups design and create your own backyard bowling set using plastic bottles, sand and paint. Once built, set up the pins to play a game with your own bowling set!
Healthy Coconut Fudge Image Made with two natural ingredients and gluten free, these tasty little fudge treats are sure to be a hit!
Other Activities Free Arts & Crafts, Indoor Games, Team Games
Session Fee + $20.00
Hot Air Balloons Image Cut, construct, and decorate a miniature hanging hot air balloon. Decorate your creation with a range of art media and hang to finish.
Ball Tournament Image Take part in a mini around the world competition. Compete in soccer, basketball, netball, volleyball and many more to claim victory! Modified to suit all ages.
Party Afternoon - Scavenger Hunt Image An outdoor adventure hunt! Provided with a list of natural objects to find in the garden and outdoors, it's your job to collect all the items on the list. Then create a Scavenger Hunt for your friends and see how quickly they find your listed objects.
Other Activities Free Arts & Crafts, Indoor Games, Team Games
Making Butter Image Where does butter come from? Fascinated as to where your refrigerated butter began, join us as we create our own and discuss the origins of this dairy product.
Battleships Image Scrub up on your ship knowledge as you are about to climb aboard! As quickly as possible you must complete the battleship activity when the captain calls, to ensure you are the last one standing. Adapted for children of all ages.
Musical Masterpiece Image A twist on musical chairs that you will love! Begin drawing whatever inspires you whilst the music plays, but when the music stops so do you! Switching seats and artwork is guaranteed to create some amusing and hilarious group results.
Target Practice Image A twist on the traditional paper planes, flying school just got a whole lot better! Let's take our plane designs and take aim as we test our flying skills with target holes and markers for the planes to fly through.
Other Activities Free Arts & Crafts, Indoor Games, Team Games
Bricks 4 Kidz Lego Workshop Image A workshop full of fun and creativity using the popular Lego bricks! Specially designed project kits with exciting theme-based models such as space, construction and gadgets, robots and gizmos. We build, we learn and we play!
Bird's Nest Challenge Image Your challenge is to build the most creative, sturdy and enticing bird's nest. Using salt dough and natural materials can you make the perfect nest to hold all of the eggs?
Balloon Volleyball Image What do you get when you swap a volleyball with a balloon? Guaranteed laughs and a great team challenge to keep the balloon off the ground!
Other Activities Free Arts & Crafts, Indoor Games, Team Games
Session Fee + $20.00
Melbourne Zoo Image Children and educators will enjoy a fun self guided tour of Melbourne Zoo where they will have the opportunity to visit the new Carnivore Trail. Children will have the opportunity to learn more about different animals by visiting different keeper talks scheduled throughout the day. Melbourne Zoo is also the world's first Carbon neutral zoo so during the visit it would a great opportunity for children to learn all about how this is achieved and how they can implement the wonderful initiatives back in their school OSHC service and become "Sustainability experts." Please remember suitable clothes and comfortable shoes, hats, drink bottles, morning tea and lunch.
Excursion runs from 10:00am until 3:00pm. Children must be dropped off by 8:45am for bus departure, and can be collected from the program from 4:15pm onwards.
Session Fee + $16.00
Garden Gnomes Image Did you know garden gnomes bring good luck? Come along and make your own garden gnome! Using salt dough, felt and other art materials we will design our own quirky characters with personality.
Crab Soccer Image Act like a crab and join in on a game of soccer! Work on your skills in coordination, balance, and control as you work together with your team mates to score the most goals. Adapted for children of all ages.
Party Afternoon - Wacky Games Image It's wacky party time! Come along and join us for a selection of wacky party games including marshmallow chopsticks, tower building cup challenge and paper plate head drawing. Lots of fun and laugh guaranteed!
Other Activities Free Arts & Crafts, Indoor Games, Team Games
Fruit Spring Rolls Image A delicious and tasty sweet twist on spring rolls, filled with fresh fruit and served with dipping sauce! Choose your own fruit combination and enjoy this delicious snack.
Basketball Image Drills which will polish your skills! Hit the courts and take part in a championship match! Modified to suit all age groups.
Seasons Mosaic Image Experiment with mosaic patterns and designs, creating different images that represent the seasons. Unleash your creativity in this hands on art session!
Rob the Nest Image Testing you speed and agility with this game. Can you rob the nest of your fellow players and collect the eggs first? But watch out - your eggs might be stolen too! Suitable for boys and girls of all ages.
Other Activities Free Arts & Crafts, Indoor Games, Team Games
LEGEND Bus Excursion Bus Incursion Science Science
Craft Craft Games Sport / Active Games Cooking Cooking Party Party
  • A snack
  • A water bottle
  • A packed lunch (unless otherwise indicated in the activity descriptions)
  • Suitable clothing for the weather (consider Sunsmart clothing/hat or jumper when cold)
  • Suitable footwear (no thongs or open toe shoes – sandals are okay)
  • An art smock or wear old clothes for art or messy activities
  • Check the activity descriptions above for any additional items to bring on specialty days
  • Double-check the activity descriptions on the Extend website to ensure you are familiar with any special requirements. For example is your child attending a dress-up day? Do they need to bring a photo for a craft activity?
  • If you're not already receiving fee relief in the form of the Child Care Benefit and/or the Child Care Rebate, why not? See information on fee relief and estimate your out of pocket expense.
  • Book 14 days or more in advance to receive the best rate. See our Terms and Conditions for more details.
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