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Extend's school holiday programs are a fantastic opportunity for your child to do fun and engaging activities with friends. Book 14 days in advance to receive the best rate. Book via LookedAfter up to 60 minutes prior to the session start time.

Trinity Catholic School, Richmond North

Address: 57-61 Davison Street | North Richmond | VIC | 3121
Operating Hours: 7:30am - 6:00pm
Session Fee *: $ 72.00. Out-of-pocket expense is lower with Child Care Subsidy.
* Fees are per child per session. Extra fee for excursions / incursions.

Kinetic Sand Image It is super squishy, mold-able, and lots of fun! Are you ready to make your own kinetic sand.
Volcanos and Ice-creams Image Cones are spread around the ground, some upright "volcanoes" and some upside-down "ice-cream cones". Which team will have turned the most cones when the whistle blows? Great team game that's lots of fun!
Recycled Portraits Image Create a unique 3D portrait of yourself using a range of natural and recycled materials including leaves, twigs, spare buttons, fabric pieces, and more!
Indigenous Games Image Learn how to play some traditional Indigenous games originating from different Aboriginal tribes. Play games including Weme, Parndo, Gorri, and more. A variety of team ball games suitable for all ages.
Other Activities Free Arts & Crafts, Indoor Games, Team Games
Candle and Soap Making Workshop Image Children will all have the opportunity to learn how to make a candle and a soap to take home. The perfect gift for that someone special! (Afternoon)
Nature Prints Image Enjoy a nature walk outside and collect various natural resources to create nature prints. Experiment with different shapes and textures to uncover the various prints you can create.
Balloon City Image Can you work as a team to keep all the balloons in the air at one time? But there's a catch
Other Activities Free Arts & Crafts, Indoor Games, Team Games
Session Fee + $20.00
Movie - Incredibles 2 Image We are going to the movies! Grab the popcorn and join us at the cinema for 'Incredibles 2'. Watch Elastigirl spring into action to save the day, while Mr. Incredible faces his greatest challenge yet! Children can bring a snack and drink bottle.
Excursion runs from 11:00am until 2:30pm. Children must be dropped off by 10:00am for bus departure, and can be collected from the program from 3:30pm onwards.
Session Fee + $29.50
Construction Towers Image Use pipe cleaners and straw to create your own construction sticks and channel your inner architect as you design, construct, and build a magnificent 3D tower.
Around the World Image Become a pro basketball shooter as you participate in this challenging game. Aim for the hoop and be the first to make it all the way around the world. Adapted for children of all ages.
Fourth of July Image Come along dressed in red and blue as we celebrate the Fourth of July with themed activities and games! Learn the story behind this important date in history and celebrate by making firework pens and a hanging rocket.
Other Activities Free Arts & Crafts, Indoor Games, Team Games
Pirate Pizza Image Ahoy, me hearties! Have fun with food while we make delicious pirate pizzas. Create the pirate's bandana with tomatoes, give him a cheese face, use capsicum for the eye patch, and an olive for his eye!
Ice Berg Jump Image It's a game of survival where the penguins must hide from the hungry polar bear! Be the last penguin standing to win the game. Suitable for children aged 5-12 years.
Crazy Collages Image Get collage-crazy and cut out pictures, letters, animals, and more to create various collage prints. Transform your collage prints into coasters, place mats, cups, bookmarks and more!
Touch Footy Image Give us your best! Play a game of safe Touch Football suitable for all ages and compete against your friends in a mini competition with a prize for the biggest kick!
Other Activities Free Arts & Crafts, Indoor Games, Team Games
Dissolving Agents Image Can you guess correctly which household ingredients will and will not dissolve in water? Experiment with different household ingredients to put this to the test! Also try your hand at a Gummy Bear experiment.
Caterpillar Tag Image It's a game of survival and team work! Will you grow your caterpillar group by saving those who are frozen or will you fight to be the last group standing? Suitable for all ages.
Roll a monster Image Create a crazy, wild and wonderful monster all by chance! Roll the dice to see what you will have to add to the construction. Will it have 5 eyes and a horn? Let's roll and see!
Reaction Game Image How fast can you react? Hop, skip, touch your head, and follow other commands from the leader until you hear 'BALL!' Will you be the first to grab the ball? Suitable for all ages.
Other Activities Free Arts & Crafts, Indoor Games, Team Games
Inflatable World Image Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of giant inflatables! Slide, bounce, tumble, and hop your way through the course. Suitable for primary school aged children. Children must wear socks, suitable clothes for climbing and jumping, bring a drink bottle snack and lunch. Please ensure a nut free and lunches that do not require heating.
Excursion runs from 10:30am until 2:00pm. Children must be dropped off by 9:15am for bus departure, and can be collected from the program from 3:00pm onwards.
Session Fee + $31.00
Finger Sandwiches Image Make carefully rolled finger sandwiches with a variety of delicious fillings perfect for a fancy afternoon tea. Delightful, darling!
Crocodiles and Kangaroos Image It's crocodiles verse kangaroos. Can you get to your end zoon without getting caught? A game of agility, speed and fun!
Funny Faces Image Bring a photo of yourself to create a quirky profile picture. Snip and glue using different cardboard cut-outs and finish off with a felt hat, woollen hair, or even a cotton wool coat! Write a short profile about yourself to share with friends.
Snowman Slam Image Create your own snowman slam game with several stacked snowmen and a pom-pom to knock 'em all down. Challenge your friends in a snowman slam show-down!
Other Activities Free Arts & Crafts, Indoor Games, Team Games
Dinosaur Fossil Hunt Image Become an archaeologist for a day as you explore the world of dinosaurs. Locate and identify fossils from some of the most iconic dinosaurs of the past including the Tyrannosaurus Rex, Stegosaurus, Triceratops and more! Learn about when each dinosaur lived, where they came from, what they ate and much more. (Morning)
Dream Holidays Image Recreate your favourite holiday memory in a diorama using a range of art media. Bring a photo of yourself from home to insert inside or draw a picture figurine of yourself. Relive your favourite beach holiday, time at the theme park, or create your perfect dream holiday.
Hula Hoop Comp Image Participate in the ultimate hula hoop challenge to see who can hula the longest! Join in on various hula hoop championships and cheer your friends on.
Other Activities Free Arts & Crafts, Indoor Games, Team Games
Session Fee + $20.00
Racing Cars Image Learn how to construct and build a racing car powered by the force of an elastic band! Wind up the engine and watch it go go go! Challenge your friends to see who's car will go the furthest.
Pacman Image We're sure you've heard of Pacman, but here's a twist on the online game. Your aim is to avoid the Pacman and stay on the lines, but be sure you don't get caught or you'll need the doctor to save you!
Island Vacation Image Come along dressed in your best Hawaiian gear with a prize for the best dressed! Enjoy an island party afternoon filled with party games and party food. Learn how to hula and celebrate with a team dance-off! Finish off by making refreshing fruit skewers.
Other Activities Free Arts & Crafts, Indoor Games, Team Games
LEGEND Bus Excursion Bus Incursion Science Science
Craft Craft Games Sport / Active Games Cooking Cooking Party Party
  • A snack
  • A water bottle
  • A packed lunch (unless otherwise indicated in the activity descriptions)
  • Suitable clothing for the weather (consider Sunsmart clothing/hat or jumper when cold)
  • Suitable footwear (no thongs or open toe shoes – sandals are okay)
  • An art smock or wear old clothes for art or messy activities
  • Check the activity descriptions above for any additional items to bring on specialty days
  • Double-check the activity descriptions on the Extend website to ensure you are familiar with any special requirements. For example is your child attending a dress-up day? Do they need to bring a photo for a craft activity?
  • If you're not already receiving fee relief in the form of the Child Care Benefit and/or the Child Care Rebate, why not? See information on fee relief and estimate your out of pocket expense.
  • Book 14 days or more in advance to receive the best rate. See our Terms and Conditions for more details.
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