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Extend's school holiday programs are a fantabulous opportunity for your child to do fun and engaging activities with friends. Book 14 days in advance to receive the best rate. Book via LookedAfter up to 60 minutes prior to the session start time.

On Excursion days please ensure children are dropped off by 8.30am for bus departure. They can be collected from the program after 5pm.

Trinity Catholic School, Richmond North

Address: 57-61 Davison Street | North Richmond | VIC | 3121
Operating Hours: 7:30am - 6:00pm
Session Fee *: $ 72.00. Out-of-pocket expense is lower with Child Care Subsidy.
* Fees are per child per session. Extra fee for excursions / incursions.

Image Floam
Channel your inner mad scientist as you learn how to combine foam and slime to make your own fun and colourful floam.
Image Pop Bottle Firefly
Using a variety of recycled materials, bring to life an amazing pop bottle firefly. Just like real fireflies your bottle will be glowing.
Image Minute to Win it
You've only got a minute to win it! Challenge your friends in a range of exciting, stimulating and lively games. Who will be crowned the champion?
Other Activities
Free Arts & Crafts, Indoor Games, Team Games
Image Survivor Tag
In a fast-paced breathtaking game of tag. Everybody is it! Who will be the last one standing? Adapted for children of all ages.
Image Fruit Sparklers
Ignite your inner chef with our fresh take on sparkles. Construct and assemble a sparkler using only fruit for a splendid Spring snack.
Image Tile Coasters
Put your artistic skills to the challenge with our Extend Exclusive take home gift. Create your own colourful and unique tile coasters and impress your family with the fancy new addition to the dining table.
Other Activities
Free Arts & Crafts, Indoor Games, Team Games
Image Mini Beasts
Get up-close-and-personal with various insects and mini beats during this educational and interactive workshop. Meet a large range of Australia's native invertebrates and discover why a hermit crab carries a seashell around!
Image Numbers Game
A game of focus and skill adapted for children of all ages. Split into two groups and represent your team when a number is called. Score a goal but be alert because there's an unexpected twist!
Image Cosmic Spaceships
Learn how to construct your own spaceship complete with a fuzzy alien! Craft it, paint it, and decorate it until you've made something that's...out of this world!
Other Activities
Free Arts & Crafts, Indoor Games, Team Games
Session Fee + $20.00
Image Scienceworks
Explore the wonderful world of science at an interactive trip to Scienceworks. Have fun navigating through the science exhibitions, watch light come to life in an entertaining and electrifying show in the lightning room and learn about all about the planets as you travel through the solar system in the planetarium. Children must bring morning tea, lunch, a water bottle, hat and a comfortable lightweight backpack that will be carried during the excursion.
Other Activities
Free Arts & Crafts, Indoor Games, Team Games
Session Fee + $32.00
Image Public Holiday
Image Treasure Chest Quest
Challenge your mental ability as they move through ancient historical worlds on a quest. You will be immersed in an imaginative world searching for clues and props to help them on their journey to discover the codes to unlock their treasure!
Image Endless Cube
Create an endless cube for endless fun! Using wooden cubes, duct tape and explosive colours, build endless cubes that will keep transforming again and again.
Image Chain Relay
Build your skills in team work, speed, and coordination in this action-packed team game suitable for children of all ages. Pass the cones down the human chain to help your team collect the most!
Other Activities
Free Arts & Crafts, Indoor Games, Team Games
Session Fee + $20.00
Image Strawberry Energy bites
Join in the fun as we make delicious strawberry energy bites. These bite-size balls will leave you with a burst of energy!
Image Marbled Milked
Unleash your creativity and imagination as your combine art and science, experimenting with different colours and patterns to create a fascinating abstract work of art.
Image Glass sculptures
Learn a simple yet fun technique to create sensational glass sculptures. Transform your recycled cup into the a chandelier and watch as it catches light and brings a warm glow to the room.
Image Ultimate Time Challenge
Race against the clock and participate in a variety of challenges including Cereal Jigsaw, Ping Pong Ball bounce, Stack-a-cup, and Card Ninja! Who will hold the winning title?
Other Activities
Free Arts & Crafts, Indoor Games, Team Games
Image Team Adrenalin and Black Sapphire Pirate Park Playground
Children will enjoy hours of fun fine tuning their acrobatic, gymnastic and circus skills with qualified trainers. This will be followed by a playground visit where children will have their lunch and participate in team group games. Children must wear appropriate clothing/active wear for acrobatic play and a hat for outdoor play. Children must bring morning tea, lunch and a water bottle.
Other Activities
Free Arts & Crafts, Indoor Games, Team Games
Session Fee + $31.00
Image Erupting Lemons
What happens when you combine a lemon, baking soda and food colouring? Join our mad scientists to find out!
Image Foil Etching
Learn how to design and create your own foil etching masterpiece! Be amazed by the work of art you can create, hang and display.
Image 80's Flashback
Step back in time to our 80's themed party! Get ready for upbeat music, party games and paceman pizza.
Other Activities
Free Arts & Crafts, Indoor Games, Team Games
Image Silly Bananas
Use your skills in agility and speed to dodge the monkeys before you get turned into a banana. Unpeel your banana friends along the way to bring them back into the game.
Image Zucchini Brownies
Have you ever tried combining zucchini with chocolate? This crazy combination tastes delicious and makes a mean brownie! Come along to see what the fuss is all about.
Image Glass Magnets
Showcase your creative flare with our Extend Exclusive take home gift. Design and create a personalised magnet, a must have piece for your family home.
Other Activities
Free Arts & Crafts, Indoor Games, Team Games
LEGEND Bus Bus Excursion Bus Incursion Walking Walking
Craft Craft Games Sport / Games Cooking Cooking Science Science
Party Party Goodie Bag Goodie bag Seasonal Seasonal Closed Closed
  • A snack
  • A water bottle
  • A packed lunch (unless otherwise indicated in the activity descriptions)
  • Suitable clothing for the weather (consider Sunsmart clothing/hat or jumper when cold)
  • Suitable footwear (no thongs or open toe shoes – sandals are okay)
  • An art smock or wear old clothes for art or messy activities
  • Check the activity descriptions above for any additional items to bring on specialty days
  • Double-check the activity descriptions on the Extend website to ensure you are familiar with any special requirements. For example is your child attending a dress-up day? Do they need to bring a photo for a craft activity?
  • If you're not already receiving fee relief in the form of the Child Care Benefit and/or the Child Care Rebate, why not? See information on fee relief and estimate your out of pocket expense.
  • Book 14 days or more in advance to receive the best rate. See our Terms and Conditions for more details.
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