Why Choose Extend

Fantastic long-term partnerships

Extend has been providing quality Outside School Hours Care services since 2002.  Extend offers:

  1. Internally recruited staff – Extend recruits all educators internally and have never (ever!) used temp or agency staff to care for children
  2. Complete management – Alleviate your workload and allow Extend to take care of all aspects including compliance, admin, staffing, and programming
  3. Engaging program – Activities are engaging and provide opportunities and new experiences for children
  4. Seamless accounts   – Our online system is completely integrated with government systems. No manual data entry is required
  5. Best reputation – Research will reveal that Extend has proudly been Australia’s most trusted provider of Outside School Hours Care since 2002

In partnership with your school, we customise a service of which you will be proud and your parents will be confident. And the kids will love it! Read what schools say about us!