School Testimonials

““The programs that the team leader and the staff develop are actually learning opportunities…It’s really valuable for the children…I would recommend Extend to any other school. The company cares for their staff. They work with the school.” – Julie Gleeson”  Julie Gleeson, Principal

“I could not be happier with the service. The staff have been outstanding, friendly and committed. Communication is always clear and open and the families accessing the service are very pleased that their children are not only well cared for but also provided with challenging and exciting activities. We enjoy a strong partnership and are very grateful to have Extend at our school.”  Carolyn Parsell, Principal

“Extend offer a fantastic service to the St Therese community. The children are fully engaged in creative and active pursuits , staff are friendly and welcoming taking into account the needs of all children in their care. Extend staff communicate regularly with parents, teachers and St Therese office staff. I would highly recommend Extend After school Care.”  Darren Gibbons, Deputy Principal

“We are very happy with the way Extend manage our OSHC program. Communication with the school is excellent and staff are professional and helpful. Our children enjoy the activities and it’s great to know that all aspects of the program are being managed well by a dedicated team of professionals.”  Daniel Parnis, Deputy Principal

“I would like to commend Extend for the excellent out of school hours care they provide… .The staff are co-operative and responsive to any school requests and the Extend administration is efficient and very supportive. Communication with the parents and school community…is regular and very effective…It is great to know that the program engages the children and is well run. I am happy to recommend the Extend OSHC program.”  Rosa Wilkinson, School Principal

“Our OSHC Program at Sandringham East has been run by Extend for some time and we are very happy with the management, staffing, marketing and general communication and support. Extend are committed to ensure that students before and after school are well cared for with great programs and caring staff.”  Laureen Walton, Principal

“St Benedict’s school community is extremely pleased with the decision to outsource our Outside School Hours Care to Extend. The service provided by all of the Extend staff is wonderful and the children love attending and the activities offered.”  Karen Dermietzel, Office Manager

“I am happy to recommend Extend as an excellent provider of before and after school care for your school or service. They have a dedicated and professional team who are supportive and prepared to assist you in meeting the particular demands of your school community.”  Martin Massey, Business Manager

“We commenced using the Extend Outside School Hours Care service in term 4 2010 in response to increasing demands for working families to have access to this type of service. Since then we have found the staff to be friendly, dedicated and passionate about the service they deliver for our students.”  Brian Scultz, Head of School

“Extend have been great to work with. They are flexible and attentive to the needs of our students. They are respectful of our school environment.”  Duncan Arendse, Principal

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