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Operation Hours

After School Care 3:15pm - 6:00pm

Program Fees

Please note the special fee arrangement for families at Tangara with more than two children

If you have more than two children in your family attending the same session, pay only for the first two children in your family. Subsequent children attend FREE!

After School Care
Session Fee : $ 27.60 *
Pay approximately $ 8.78 - $ 13.80 after fee relief entitlements

Remember, the Child Care Rebate is NOT income tested! Read more about fee relief and estimate your out-of-pocket expense.

* Fees are per child per session. For a full list of fee tiers and applicable policies, see our Terms and Conditions.


Visit our FAQ page for answers to frequently-asked questions.

Getting Started

To enrol and make bookings, check here for information about our new bookings system called LookedAfter.