Child Care Subsidy

March 2018 – Important News about Fee Relief

There are important changes ahead for fee relief entitlements and how it is paid. To ensure you don’t miss out on your entitlements, please read about the changes below and contact Centrelink as needed.

If you have questions about child care benefit / rebate and how it affects your LookedAfter account, please contact the LookedAfter support team.

What happens in July and why is it relevant?

From July 2018 there will be major changes to how the Government provides assistance to families for the cost of child care. The new system is called Child Care Subsidy.

What do I get currently?

The current system revolves around Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebate.

  • CCB is income tested; CCR is not.
  • You must have a CRN from Centrelink for you and your child. You can apply for a CRN via MyGov.
  • CCR is subject to meeting work and training criteria. The criteria can be found here.
  • When you have obtained a CRN for you and your child, enter it into your LookedAfter account.
  • You inform Centrelink whether you wish to receive CCR directly, or whether it is paid to the service provider so as to offset the amount invoiced from LookedAfter.

How will the changes in July affect me?

The government has prepared communication for how families will be affected by Child Care Subsidy.

Visit the Government’s CCS estimator to assess how much CCS you might receive and how this compares with your current entitlements.

More details about the new system can be found here.