How to negotiate

Negotiating is a difficult task – Even for a great sales person! However, it’s also a situation that most people can’t avoid in both their personal and professional lives. Be armed with a clear plan and steps to follow in order to succeed.

Many of us step into a negotiation as very bad listeners. We know what outcome we want, so we don’t want to hear anything that could hinder that. However, you still need to demonstrate that you care about the other person’s needs and concerns by listening effectively. If you fail to do this you’ll have a difficult time progressing any further in the discussion, because the other person will feel frustrated that you don’t understand or care.


Rather than focusing on your own needs and desired outcome, find out what the other person’s needs are, and show them how they’ll be met. Seek an outcome that makes both parties happy. You’ll demonstrate that you ARE in fact listening and their needs are important to you.

This is something you need to prepare for before the discussion takes place. You can usually guess what kind of objections the other person will have and therefore you can prepare what to say when it happens. It’s vital you do your homework first so that you don’t reach a roadblock or dead end in the conversation. Be armed with solutions and prepare to succeed.

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