How to improve customer service

Many organisations will review entire systems and processes to decide where and how they can improve their customer service.  Sometimes, however, it’s worth getting back to basics to see if you can make quick changes that will reap great rewards. Below are three very simple steps you can take to make quick improvements to your customer service experience.

  1. Look at the front line.

Your front-line staff are the people that your customers come in contact with first. At a school, the front line staff are the school office staff. What improvements can you make? It may be small things, such as how they are dressed and presented. You may want to introduce a dress code, or name badges to ensure consistency and professionalism at all times. Or it may be bigger things, such as investing in customer service training for your front-line staff.

  1. Review your website.

Many organisations tend to set up a website and then neglect it. Information then becomes out of date and the website is no longer a useful resource for customers. This can be very frustrating for prospective customers browsing the website, and it also impacts the organisation’s credibility. Review your entire website to ensure all information is accurate, up-to-date, and useful for customers. Ensure that it’s user friendly and easy to navigate. And finally, delegate the responsibility to one person or department to ensure that the website is regularly monitored and updated.

  1. Walk in your customer’s shoes.

This is something many organisations have the ability to do but don’t do. Using a school as an example, it’s very possible to walk in the shoes of the parents. A School Principal could try walking into the school as a prospective parent. He/she could role play the entire experience, speak to the school office staff, go on a school tour, and attend a parent information session. You’ll be surprised when you physically walk in the shoes of your customers, the various things you’ll discover.  Try it in your organisation and see what you happens!

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