Staff Testimonials

“My work with Extend has been the most influential aspect of my teacher training over the past four years. I have enjoyed every shift, and greatly value the enormity of the experience I have gained in the role. I will most definitely recommend the position to others.”  Patrick Dower

“I’m so proud to be part of the Extend family and grateful to have such amazing support and inspiration from everyone within it. I absolutely love seeing the children, families and school staff every day.”  Liz Hall

“It’s a pleasure to work for Extend. I love the opportunity to plan such creative and fun activities for the kids and be given the resources to implement them. Head Office is very supportive of the choices I make and I would recommend the company to anyone needing their service.”  Briony Smith

“Extend has been an incredibly supportive company throughout my employment. In my experience they strive to provide families, schools and most importantly the children with a quality program, and facilities to ensure that they learn and grow through active and creative activities that caters for the children’s needs and interests.”  Megan Turner

“Thank you for making me feel so welcome from the very beginning.  It is a pleasure working for such a dedicated OSHC company.  I hope to be able to recommend Extend to schools.”  Lori Frowd

“We feel very supported and the service is improving and doing well in so many ways. We’ll continue to do our best!”  Sarah Treacy

 “I have a ton of fun working with you all and creating with the children.  Thank you for the opportunity to do so!”  Deanne Tonking

“I would like to thank everyone at Head Office for their help and support. Thanks for letting me work at this successful company that I would recommend to anyone.”  Rebecca Sherwell

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