Staff Testimonials

“I love how Extend strives to provide the highest quality of care at all our school services. The importance on quality of care, and program opportunities, means we are all working to achieve amazing opportunities for our children and our services. I have continued to work for Extend because they value their staff members and make you feel a part of the Extend family. It feels so special to work for such an amazing company that recognises their staff members and the great work we achieve.” Caitlin Jamieson, Service Coordinator

“As a national organisation, with staff and offices located in a number of capital cities, Extend is a truly cohesive and inclusive organisation. Our dispersed staff are always connected, supported and every team member is made to feel part of the Extend family.” Katrina Hardie, Service Coordinator

“The culture at Extend is great! The Service Managers are extremely helpful and very approachable. Every effort is provided to Educators to learn and grow through initiatives such as the Network Meetings, which is a wonderful way to meet other Educators and understand more about Extend and out OSHC industry.” Tusipasi Ruth Apelu, Service Coordinator

“Extend is committed to looking after their employees. Since I have started here at Extend, I feel tremendously supported. This has given me confidence to be the best Educator I can be. It is very assuring to know that help and guidance is only a phone call away! Extend is a great employer and equally values the interests of their employees, their partnered schools and the children and families that they serve.” Aidan Blaxell, Service Coordinator

“Extend offers great job security, flexible hours and continuous work throughout the school year. Staff are rewarded for their efforts and commitment and there are plenty of opportunities for promotion within the company. The management team staff have a positive mindset, which is highly motivating and encouraging. There is great work autonomy and the environment is one of fairness, trust and fun.” Stephanie Ashworth, Operations Manager

“Extend’s culture, vision, approach to success, leadership style and community involvement reflect my own values and passion. I view my job as a long-term career and appreciate the support and opportunities to grow and develop. I have a great passion for working with children and Extend provides me with the appropriate resources to ensure that I am delivering high quality and memorable experiences for children and their families.” Jennifer Nguyen, Operations Manager

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