Extend – Our Story

From the Director

Since 2002, our goal at Extend has been to enrich the lives of children through out of school hours programs. And that hasn’t changed. We’re all about engaging kids!

Well before I established Extend in 2002, I’d been working to create opportunities for kids. In fact, my work in education began back in 1988 as a teacher.

But I’m not only an educator. I’m also a dad. With two primary school aged children, I understand first-hand the needs of children…  and, of course, working parents such as myself and my wife!

At Extend, we understand that high quality care and education doesn’t ‘just happen’.  It takes a committed team of quality staff all working towards great outcomes for children, parents and school communities.

As a national organisation, Extend caters daily for thousands of children in Independent, Catholic and Government Schools across Australia.

Extend has a focus on quality for kids, safety, respect, and of course, fun! And we will always maintain the high standards we set at Extend.

I invite you to browse our website to learn more about Extend and what we do.

With best wishes

Darren Stevenson

Founder and Director

If you decide to join the Extend family, it’s because you want every child to be inspired, learn and have amazing experiences in their childhood.  That’s what we call – QUALITY!