5 characteristics of a great modern day leader

What does it take to be a great leader in today’s modern world? Changes in society and technology have added increased pressures and complexities.

In order to be successful, the modern leader must possess the following 5 characteristics.

1. Honesty & communication
Employees of the modern world will no longer accept the fact they’ve been left in the dark when it comes to company decisions or major changes in the workplace. People want to feel like they’re valued at work. And if it’s the type of work environment which harbours secret discussions – or no discussions at all, it will have a negative impact on staff morale. A leader that encourages honesty, transparency, and open communication will facilitate a thriving workplace community.

2. Leads by example
It’s not ok for the boss to order everyone to do the ‘dirty work’ while he/she sits back and does absolutely nothing. Leaders that lead by example earn trust and respect from staff. And if you practice what you preach, it makes it difficult for people to disagree with you or not follow in your step. Leading by example will also show others that you are confident and trust your own intuition.

3. Empowers others
Leaders must always strive for continual improvement, and one way to do this is by empowering others to do so. Encourage professional development because society and technology is ever-changing, delegate responsibilities, coach or mentor your staff, and always have high expectations. In today’s world, many people will move on when they feel they are not being challenged or learning anything new. (link to previous Extend article on mentoring).

4. Manages conflict
A modern day leader must know how to effectively manage conflict or set-backs, while upholding a positive attitude. Managing conflict in the modern world is no longer as straight-forward as it used to be. People need to be heard. Communication is key. (link to previous Extend article on conflict)

5. Never stops learning
A successful modern day leader understands that they don’t know everything. Being open-minded will allow the modern-day leader to always be creative and innovative. If your school of thought remains in the dinosaur ages, so will your organisation!

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