3 tips to prevent poor staff performance

Performance Management are two dreaded words for both the employer and the employee.

Most managers don’t enjoy having that difficult conversation with a staff member and many will even put off taking a staff member through a performance management process – even if it’s much needed.

This can be prevented by clearly outlining the employee’s roles and responsibilities and key performance indicators, in the form of 3 Ws. What, When and Why.

People who are new to a company are often immediately taken through through their day-to-day tasks and responsibilities without too much explanation about the bigger picture. Do they truly understand why certain things happen and how they impact the business as a whole? Do they know when certain targets need to be achieved? Are they kept accountable on a regular basis?

Provide clear explanations on the following Ws to prevent performance issues in the future:


What is expected from the employee? What are the standards they should work towards? What is considered great performance? Clearly outline the objectives and set a benchmark for where their standard of work should be.


In addition to understanding timelines associated with their various responsibilities, it’s important that an employee is kept accountable and their performance is monitored on a regular basis. It’s much harder to manage someone who is under-performing, as opposed to monitoring employee performance on a regular basis. Do they need to report to you each month? Do they have specific targets they need to meet with clear deadlines? Define the timelines and accountability process.


If any employee in an organisation doesn’t understand why they do certain things or how it impacts the business, you may have a problem in your hands. Every single employee regardless of what their job title is, needs to clearly understand this in order to understand their own importance in the business. Understanding the why and how will lead to better performance.


Clearly defining the What, When, and Why for each employee will help prevent an employee from under performing in the future. Can you be confident that each employee in your business or team would know the ‘What, When and Why’?

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