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Waiting lists in childcare?

In some areas in Australia, and across the globe, parents are camping outside their school or childcare centre in order to secure a place for after school care. For those who miss out, their child is placed on a waiting list that is so ridiculously long, they may never have access to the service. Why is this happening? This situation is created by two
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Increase your After School Care bookings

Are you happy with the average number of after school care bookings at your school? If you think there’s room for improvement, read this article to find out 2 things you can do to help increase your after school care bookings.

2 tips to improve staff morale

As a school principal or leader, you can be doing 2 things that will help improve staff morale, and therefore productivity in the workplace. Read about it here.

3 characteristics of a happy workplace

Whether you’re a principal leading a school, or an After School Care coordinator leading an outside school hours care program, here’s 3 key points that will help you facilitate a happy workplace. Read about it here.

After School Care – What’s the point?

Written by Darren Stevenson, Extend Director.   At a recent conference (see Shift2014) Avril Henry, Communications and Human Relations expert spoke about the importance for employees to feel they are contributing to meaningful work with a worthwhile purpose. This led me to think – what’s our purpose at Extend? What makes it meaningful and worthwhile? Is it to mind children outside of school hours?
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How to ensure your service is compliant

Don’t have time to read through pages and pages of National regulation and law? Read our guide on how you can ensure your Outside School Hours Care service is compliant.

How to decrease your time spent on Admin

If you’re a School Principal running your own After School Care service, then you probably spend too much time on the background administration. Read our tips on how you can reduce that workload.

How to train your educators to be relationship builders

The difference between a good Outside School Hours Care educator and a FANTASTIC educator is the relationship builder!  So what do they need to do to be relationship builders? Read our tips here.

How to deliver and maintain a quality After School Care service

Although facilities, equipment, and programming are very important, it’s the staff that are the backbone to the service – just like the teachers are in a school.  Read our three tips that will help you deliver and maintain a quality After School Care service.

The Outside School Hours Care provider CHECKLIST

Shopping around for an After School Care provider?  Use this article to guide you into making the right decision for your school community.