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How to have a great day

Humans are driven by emotions. We like to think we’re all logically driven. But when we weigh up the pros and cons of everything from buying a family home to accepting a job offer, we do so mostly through the use of our emotions. Our reactions to others and theirs to us, have a far-reaching impact both emotionally and physically. Like the exchange of
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Ten Tips for People Managers

Casey Stengel said “The key to being a good manager is keeping the people who hate me away from those who are still undecided.” It’s true that people management isn’t a popularity contest. However, to be likeable certainly doesn’t hurt. Here are some tips for management success. 1. CREATE VISION Help your team build a vision for their future. If they have a desirable
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It’s all about our staff

We all want to feel inspired to grow and succeed, both personally and professionally. Engagement is the term used to describe the inspiration and commitment we feel in the workplace. Most organisations recognise that increased employee engagement provides an instrumental advantage in the workplace. So, how do you help your staff harness their commitment and motivation in order to become more engaged? Engagement results
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How to deal with Staff Conflict – Part 2

How do you manage job-related staff conflict? Read the article here on the 3 steps you can follow.

How to deal with Staff Conflict – Part 1

What do you do when you have two (or more!) employees that don’t get along? Learn 3 steps to manage this.

Government schools in SA: How to outsource OSHC

The above information and more can be found at the following links and resources: DECD, Third Party Providers Update DECD, Engaging Third Party Provider SAASSO, Outsourcing OSHC

Waiting lists in childcare?

In some areas in Australia, and across the globe, parents are camping outside their school or childcare centre in order to secure a place for after school care. For those who miss out, their child is placed on a waiting list that is so ridiculously long, they may never have access to the service. Why is this happening? This situation is created by two
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Increase your After School Care bookings

Are you happy with the average number of after school care bookings at your school? If you think there’s room for improvement, read this article to find out 2 things you can do to help increase your after school care bookings.

2 tips to improve staff morale

As a school principal or leader, you can be doing 2 things that will help improve staff morale, and therefore productivity in the workplace. Read about it here.

3 characteristics of a happy workplace

Whether you’re a principal leading a school, or an After School Care coordinator leading an outside school hours care program, here’s 3 key points that will help you facilitate a happy workplace. Read about it here.